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A Pest Control Technician is a professional who uses a variety of techniques to eliminate pests from residential, commercial and industrial facilities. They identify pest problems and choose an effective approach to remove pests from the property

Floor Cleaning

To remove stains, dirt, litter and obstructions. To remove grit and sand which scratch and wear down the surface. To remove allergens, in particular dust. To prevent wear to the surface.

Marble Polish

Marble polishing is a treatment that aims to increase the brightness of the stone especially in cases where the marble floor is opaque or yellowed, for example when the marble is installed outdoors and is therefore exposed to direct sunlight or subjected to the constant action of atmospheric agents.

Washroom Cleaning

Bathroom cleaner means any product used to clean hard surfaces in a bathroom, such as counters, walls, floors, fixtures, basins, tubs and tiles.


Sanitizing is a chemical process that lessens and even kills germs on surfaces to make them safe for contact. Sanitizers are agents that destroy 99.99 percent of bacteria in 30 seconds during the Official Detergent Sanitizer Test (a public health test).

Painting & Design

A painting is an image (artwork) created using pigments (color) on a surface (ground) such as paper or canvas. The pigment may be in a wet form, such as paint, or a dry form, such as pastels. Painting can also be a verb, the action of creating such an artwork.

Chimney cleaning

Chimney cleaning includes removing soot from the firebox, flue liner, smoke chamber, damper, and smoke shelf. For best results and dust control, we sweep your fireplace cleaning from the bottom to the top.

Termite control

Pre-construction termite control, better known as Soil Treatment, is performed in the preliminary phase of construction of a property. The aim of pre-construction termite control treatment is to create an anti-termite barrier underneath the building structure to protect against damages caused by subterranean termites.


How Long Does it Take For Pest Control to Work? In most cases, you can expect to see a significant and noticeable reduction in pest activity within one to two days. The exact timeframe depends on the pest we’re dealing with along with the choice of materials necessary to provide the best long-term results.

Just like a poorly sealed door, cracks in the foundation, walls and perimeter of the house is one of the main ways that bugs enter your home! Some typically vulnerable areas include: Cables, heating, and plumbing: These wires and run through the outside walls as well as the inside.
Pest control is necessary in both residential and commercial settings, especially when it comes to food. Businesses in the food service industry often deal with scrap-eating pests, such as cockroaches and rodents.
Don’t use illegal pesticides

There are a lot of them in the market, particularly online. Unfortunately, some pest control companies use them. While they can be very effective at killing pests, they can do more harm than good because they can be harmful to pets and children. They can even be harmful to adults.

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